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  1. Bronconomore

    Mounting locations for rear view camera in a 2025 4Runner?

    Knowing that the rear window on the 4Runner rolls down. Is there a good location or even a location at all to mount a rear camera? Without damaging liners, plastic trim etc.?
  2. Bronconomore

    Estimated prices for 2025 4Runner Hybrid trims - by KBB + Car and Driver

    Seen this on the Car and Driver website. Their estimates for the 6 Hybrid versions of the 2025 4 Runner. This is in the 2024 Landcruiser price point. Limited ……….$58,000 (est) TRD Pro………..$60,000 (est) TRD Off-Road……..$62,000 (est) TRD Off-Road Premium…$66,000(est) Trailhunter…………$72,000 (est)...
  3. Bronconomore

    7 Canadian Trims (Grades) Available for new 4Runner 6th gen

    Seems us good folks in Canada will only have seven trims (or grades as they now seem to be calling it) to choose from........ "4Runner expands its grade offering to provide customers with more choices than ever before. In Canada, seven grades will be available including SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off...
  4. Bronconomore

    Switched Allegiance from 2024 LS to 2025 4Runner

    Was going to buy a 2024 LS but I can't now...the 2025 4Runner is calling my name.