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  1. Bronconomore

    Breaking News (None?)

    Thank you. Still doesn’t do much to get back how I felt about Toyota and it’s Brand. They have a long way to go and a short time to get there. These engines need to prove themselves with some longevity. Not a couple or three calendar years. Try selling this to the Tundra owners whose engines...
  2. Bronconomore

    Breaking News (None?)

    They put a lot of time , money , reputation into the Tundra as well. And we see were that ship is sailing at the moment. I won’t give them my confidence till they show me a reason too.
  3. Bronconomore

    Breaking News (None?)

    This new engine Toyota is putting in the 4Runner is giving me restless nights. Not sure my confidence is staying where it needs to be, spending $60,000 - $70,000 plus on a vehicle . Kinda like some people now too bad we don’t have more engine options or longer reliability data on the new engine...
  4. Bronconomore

    Breaking News (None?)

    With all the negative press coming from Toyota Corporation lately, between the engine failures and cheating on safety testing….maybe a Bronco or another vehicle is not necessarily a bad option.
  5. Bronconomore

    TuxMat Floor Mats - Photos

    I prefer the tried and true and looks much better rubber floor mat. If it works for you.
  6. Bronconomore

    Breaking News (None?)

    I am “hyped” to the n’th degree. Information is a wonderful tool to make decisions from. But onward through the fog, we go.
  7. Bronconomore

    PLATINUM 2025 4Runner First Look and Trim Contents + Lifted 6th Gen 4Runner Rendering)

    Yes and here in the land of ice and snow, better know as Canada to our US neighbours. Going by the LC pricing we need add 14-16 thousand per trim.
  8. Bronconomore

    Playing around with new 4Runner designs

    Tires are too large takes away from the vehicle. Looks to much like a monster style truck. Hey, but what do I know.
  9. Bronconomore

    2025 4Runner Order | Pre-Order | Deposit | Reservation | Waitlist -- List & Stats

    I know this is a very small sample size, interesting that no one has said they are ordering a Limited trim thus far. I would have no issue downgrading to one from Premium if the price difference is substantial.
  10. Bronconomore

    High octane gas only for Hybrid 4Runner?

    It’s your dime do as you may. I for one won’t trust that argument on a warranty battle. Not for thousands of dollars for an engine replacement . Peace and good luck.
  11. Bronconomore

    High octane gas only for Hybrid 4Runner?

    Doesn’t matter about a he said/ she said. If the door and manual say premium fuel only. Then I ain’t about to gamble my warranty. Are you?
  12. Bronconomore

    Nonhybrid i-Force engine getting up to 30 mpg on highway in the Tacoma

    I do as well it is the rare time mine will see 1/4 .
  13. Bronconomore

    High octane gas only for Hybrid 4Runner?

    It is all in the branding, hey I drive a LC and need Premium fuel! You are only in a Tacoma and regular gas will do! 🤷🏼‍♂️😉
  14. Bronconomore

    Nonhybrid i-Force engine getting up to 30 mpg on highway in the Tacoma

    I never allow my gas to drop below 1/4 tank. Great way to damage your fuel pump allowing to suck fumes.
  15. Bronconomore

    2025 4Runner TRD Off-Road Spotted!

    I am for one tired of the “supposed hype”, been out there long enough, let’s move along and get the trims and pricing out there.
  16. Bronconomore

    Going to buy a 4Runner SR5 Premium

    I am really leaning that way to buy a 2024 TRD Off Road with premium package. There is one available in my area, the more I read about the reliability and resale value and how there has been no to very limited issues, I may pull the trigger and wait out the new 4 Runner for a few years. It was...
  17. Bronconomore

    Everest Trailhunter 2025 4Runner 6th Gen @ Overland Expo West in Arizona 📸

    Does the little ramp come with the vehicle ? Every time I see this 4Runner it is on a ramp. 😉
  18. Bronconomore

    Preview Looks: 2025 4Runner 6th Gen TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport, SR5 Trim

    I signed up for the updates on the 2024 Landcruiser, never received one iota. Disappointing for sure. Not holding my breath on getting updates for the 4 Runner. Maybe the US Toyota is more forth coming on such things.I count on forums like this for real updates.