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  1. jnsplace

    Breaking News (None?)

    I am curious when they will do that. For the LC, they didn't lift the embargo until the vehicle was actually in the states. Wasn't the same for the Taco hybrid. another roll of the dice?
  2. jnsplace

    High octane gas only for Hybrid 4Runner?

    LC taking premium, 91 min or higher is correct. Something about it being a luxury vehicle. I pulled this screenshot from the LC forums. So....I am hopeful that 4R doesn't follow the same way.
  3. jnsplace

    Breaking News (None?)

    The LC builder was up about 60-90 days prior to arrival to port. From what I recall, from build to port was about 8-10 weeks. The question yet known, the actual release timing. ((Rolls dice.)) July for Sept/oct Aug for Oct/Nov 🙏
  4. jnsplace

    Fun colors for 2025 4Runner TRD PRO, Trailhunter, Platinum Trims -- previews

    I believe it's the same color code. 4V8 Meteor on the website below https://importarchive.com/toyota/landcruiser/2024- and Brown sugar on Amazon. TOYOTA Genuine 00258-004V8-21 Brown Sugar Metallic Touch-Up Paint Pen (.5 fl oz, 14.7 ml) For whatever reason, they named it different. I SUSPECT...
  5. jnsplace

    Fun colors for 2025 4Runner TRD PRO, Trailhunter, Platinum Trims -- previews

    <shrugs >. No idea. Over on the LC forums we all thought it was weird. I mean pick a name lol
  6. jnsplace

    Fun colors for 2025 4Runner TRD PRO, Trailhunter, Platinum Trims -- previews

    It’s Meteor shower for US. Silver or gold depending on how the light hits it. Personally, it was my #1 choice when I was on the LC list. Would love to see it on the 4R
  7. jnsplace

    Breaking News (None?)

    Maybe something at this? Seems fan based? Hey, we can all live in hope. Have a good Memorial Day folks! Toyotafest 2024 will be held at the Marina Green in Long Beach, Calif. on Saturday, June 8, 2024. This will mark the 28th annual All-Toyotafest, which welcomes Toyota, Lexus, Scion, and...
  8. jnsplace

    4Runner Vs Land Cruiser Vs GX550 -- off-road ability?

    I'm sure they did a ROI on this. Between cost of storage, space and also interest. They may also file this in the category of: some replace their rims/tires post purchase, so why offer options? Just for perspective: I'm not interested in a larger tire. I don't want the wider stance. I may...
  9. jnsplace

    4Runner Vs Land Cruiser Vs GX550 -- off-road ability?

    Using Tacoma from Tacomaworld.com "TRD Pro is 75 inches wide, but then you have to add 3 more inches due to flared out wheel wells." From the builder for overall width You can kind of see it in the front view of the site builder. I did a couple of screenshots. Top is TRD OF, bottom is TRD Pro.
  10. jnsplace

    Everest Trailhunter 2025 4Runner 6th Gen @ Overland Expo West in Arizona 📸

    Oh man, those pictures change my mind about the color. Looks FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing! I saw TRD Jon on Facebook post a thread up.
  11. jnsplace

    Preview Looks: 2025 4Runner 6th Gen TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport, SR5 Trim

    Heritage blue could be? The limited was presented in that.
  12. jnsplace

    Preview Looks: 2025 4Runner 6th Gen TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport, SR5 Trim

    @admininstrator I don't suppose we can throw this thread (and maybe the fun colors one too? https://www.4runner6g.com/forum/threads/fun-colors-for-2025-4runner-trd-pro-trailhunter-platinum-trims-previews.1353/) into Photos/journals category? I keep looking for it, and in the general category...
  13. jnsplace

    7 Canadian Trims (Grades) Available for new 4Runner 6th gen

    You could consider looking at the Taco, and see how they build out for inspiration? I know you Canadians are weird, but hey it's a start. ;) (below is the US site Taco build out. I think it starts with an 8", with the 14" as an option)
  14. jnsplace

    2025 4Runner Order | Pre-Order | Deposit | Reservation | Waitlist -- List & Stats

    Nope, other than if I had an idea what I wanted. I narrowed it down to two trims (TRD OF:P or Platinum) and no black. They seemed happy about the fact I wasn't overly interested in the Pro. They also mentioned being open about colors would likely get my delivery faster. I know I have...
  15. jnsplace

    Poll: Which 2025 4Runner competitor are you considering (if any)?

    Nope. The gas milage of the current gen 4runner makes me run really fast away, plus it's behind on the tech. My 2016 Outback has cruise assist, lane assist....back then! It's weird to me that nearly 10 years later this is just now getting into some of the Toyota cars. Weird, whatever. I...
  16. jnsplace

    2025 4Runner TRD Off-Road Spotted!

    Consider this, I'm sure there will be aftermarket options. :)
  17. jnsplace

    Fuel tank size (gallons / liters) capacity of 2025 4Runner 6th Gen

    I'm going out on a limb and guess it's close to the LC gas tank size since they are close in size. From https://www.edmunds.com/toyota/land-cruiser/2024/features-specs/ 17.9 gal
  18. jnsplace

    Nonhybrid i-Force engine getting up to 30 mpg on highway in the Tacoma

    That's what I was thinking. Weight and aerodynamics tradeoff perhaps.
  19. jnsplace

    I recently reviewed the 2024 Tacoma with the i-Force engine!

    Today, I'm leaning hard on the TRD OF: Premium. Gives me the aggressive styling with the lux items that I want (sound, heated seats, such). I am trying to say, I'll take any color but black...but man that white is gorgeous.