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  1. BourbonRunner

    SDM (not KDSS) for 6th Gen 2025 4Runner (SDM = Stabilizer Bar with Disconnection Mechanism)

    I test drove a KDSS 5th gen back to back with a non-KDSS a couple years ago. There was a substantial difference on the road as others have written. Don't know the take rate on them since it was a pretty expensive and seemingly rare option but if you're commuting in your 4R and hitting the...
  2. BourbonRunner

    Teaser #3: Trailhunter 4Runner (in new green color)!

    So now the big questions in everyone's mind: How soon will a Sequoia and Tundra Trailhunter be released, and when will X Overland take them to somewhere cinematically gorgeous?
  3. BourbonRunner

    Renderings: 2025 4Runner TRD Pro based on teaser photos & 2024 Tacoma

    Indeed. What I am hoping is Toyota announces a Trailhunter 4Runner next week. And that the Tundra and Sequoia versions are forthcoming. That Tundra at SEMA was a total tease.
  4. BourbonRunner

    Will 6th gen 4Runner TRD PRO compete vs. Bronco Sasquatch and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon? 🥊

    As much as I love this idea and agree, I won't be a customer due to some degenerative disc issues and a blown left knee. In fact, my 2004 Taco is for sale as is my 2004 e46 ZHP coupe because I've sadly aged out of a daily driven manual transmission.
  5. BourbonRunner

    2025 4Runner price (vs 2025 Land Cruiser pricing)

    IDK, I thought the Sequoia getting TRD Pro was a stretch. If they do the Tundra in TH trim, it isn't that hard to do Sequoia. Plus bronze oxide looks hot with the bronze wheels. Kind of where I am. I'm leaning hard towards either another Tacoma or a Gladiator but the 4R and LC are in the...
  6. BourbonRunner

    2025 4Runner price (vs 2025 Land Cruiser pricing)

    I'd bet $60K when all is said and done. That slots it just north of the MSRP on the TLC1958, but below the TLC First Edition and TLC Land Cruiser trims... which makes me wonder if Toyota took a lead from Maranello and the Ferrari La Ferrari but I digress. I like the 1958, especially the Softex...
  7. BourbonRunner

    2025 4Runner Spied Testing in Public! First Prototype Pics

    I made a mistake- 4R 3 and LC 2 but regardless you got my point. The GX and FJ Cruiser were dark horses and came along at a weird time. In the early 2000s the environmentalist lobby was really beating the drums hard about SUVs not getting decent MPG, the Prius was still wet behind the ears...
  8. BourbonRunner

    2025 4Runner Spied Testing in Public! First Prototype Pics

    Knowing Toyota it probably has to do with their goofy allocation process and needing to have stock available before launch. Worst thing you can do is debut it and not have inventory I suppose. BTW: The Tacoma's Jan 2024 sales stats were the lowest sales for the model in over a decade-- and it's...
  9. BourbonRunner

    2025 4Runner Spied Testing in Public! First Prototype Pics

    I think if Toyota tries to launch this without the Trailhunter and TRD Pro versions ready for sale at debut they're missing the boat.