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  1. TigerEyeJazz

    I got to drive a 24’ MY 4Runner TRD Pro and honestly I understand why people miss the V6.

    So I’ve never driven a 4Runner before and finally I got to drive a TRD Pro model. I actually understand why so many are worried about the new 4 Cylinder. Although the V6 is old and so is that 5 Speed auto, the engine is just bulletproof. Everything about this model feels analogue which is...
  2. TigerEyeJazz

    2025 4Runner TRD Off-Road Spotted!

    Saw this post on TFLNOW YouTube page and was looking at the model overall. Looks to have the rims of a TRD Off Road model with a higher up suspension. Also there is now hood badge that states I Force Max so this is the regular 2.4T.
  3. TigerEyeJazz

    I recently reviewed the 2024 Tacoma with the i-Force engine!

    I got to review the 2024 Tacoma with the I-Force engine and I really think this is a special engine that Toyota created. I know a lot of people have said bad things about the 4 popper Turbo but this really is a good engine. If you have any questions feel free to ask me as this is my only...
  4. TigerEyeJazz

    As someone who owns and has owned a Unibody SUV/CUV, what are the perks of having a Body on Frame SUV?

    So a little background, I’ve owned about 3 vehicles in my life thus far. 16’ Elantra GT, 19’ X2 M35i and currently 23’ Honda HR-V. As someone who’s owned literally only Unibody vehicles, what are the benefits of owning a body on frame vehicle. Would love to have input from current 4Runner...
  5. TigerEyeJazz

    2025 4Runner reveal next week at Toyota press drive?!

    4Runner reveal is set for the Media drive of the Land Cruiser, Tacoma iForce Max Hybrid. Source (see 17:43 mark):
  6. TigerEyeJazz

    2025 4Runner price (vs 2025 Land Cruiser pricing)

    Pricing just came out for the Land Cruiser and it starts at $55,950. I would assume the 4Runner TRD Pro will eclipse that by $2-3k