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  1. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner Trailhunter Overland Build Concept

    Awesome job thanks for sharing that. Looks like you went with the Underground color from the 2024 Tacoma. Hope we get that color option for the 2025 4Runner! The builds I've seen with it look terrific.
  2. Old Spice

    OEM Rigid Fog Lights adjustable color (WHITE <> AMBER) switch on 2025 4Runner Trailhunter & TRD Pro

    I've always used amber fog light bulbs, so this is a welcome useful function. For the TRD Pro = is the whole foglight an option, or the color adjustable feature is the option?
  3. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner TRD Pro is @ Toyota Jamboree in TX (May 2-5, 2024)

    The ALL NEW 2025 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is Here! - First Look by Texas Truck Channel
  4. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner TRD Pro is @ Toyota Jamboree in TX (May 2-5, 2024)

    2025 6th gen 4Runner TRD Pro next to 2024 4th gen Tacoma
  5. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner TRD Pro is @ Toyota Jamboree in TX (May 2-5, 2024)

    2025 4Runner TRD Pro next to a 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro. Mudbath looks so good in this lighting.
  6. Old Spice

    Official MUDBATH 2025 4Runner 6th Gen Photos Thread

    Mudbath 4Runner TRD Pro from 2024 Toyota Jamboree in Texas
  7. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner TRD Pro is @ Toyota Jamboree in TX (May 2-5, 2024)

    First public showing for the 2025 4Runner 6th gen! Toyota has this Mudbath 4Runner TRD Pro out at Toyota Jamboree (Gilmer, TX) right now! Anyone going to Toyota Jamboree? It runs from today until May 5. Another shot - next to a 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro 4th gen. Drone clip by Adventure Over...
  8. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner lights at night: headlights, tail lights, DRL, turn signal, sidemarkers, LED light bar

    Another video of 6th gen 4Runner lights on at night time -- on TRD Pro and Trailhunter.
  9. Old Spice

    Bolt Pattern, Lug Nut Size, Hub Bore (6th Gen 4Runner 2025+)

    Looks like 5th gen 4Runner factory OEM wheels won't be a swap option for the 6th gen then.
  10. Old Spice

    2025 4Runner Order | Pre-Order | Deposit | Reservation | Waitlist -- List & Stats

    What a strange dealer... No dealers don't run credit or do any of the financing process when taking a deposit for a waitlist. The deposit amount (if the dealer takes deposits for waitlists) is just an arbritrary amount set by the dealer so the person has some "skin in the game" and shows they...
  11. Old Spice

    Glowing review of Hybrid Trailhunter (Tacoma) previews Hybrid 4Runner Trailhunter

    This is a review of the Hybrid Trailhunter Tacoma but still give us a preview of what to expect for the 4Runner Trailhunter. For any of you interested in the Trailhunter trim, this glowing review will make your wait even harder. 😁
  12. Old Spice

    Sliding Cargo Tray option for 6th gen 4Runner?

    They haven't shown a sliding cargo tray deck accessory yet but I hope it'll be be an offered OEM accessory part. They're real useful.
  13. Old Spice

    Issues / Build Quality checked on 6th Gen 4Runner 2025 model

    Being built at the Tahara Assembly Production Plant should be a plus when it comes to build quality and less issues for the production 2025 4Runner. 🤞
  14. Old Spice

    TRD Off Road Premium - Tacoma 2024

    I'm between a TRD Off-Road Premium and Platinum too. The paint colored fender flares on the Platinum might win out for me though.. looks so good in this site's CGI previews especially in Everest or Celestial Silver...
  15. Old Spice

    Aftermarket parts support for 2025+ 4Runner 6th Gen looking good if Land Cruiser any indication

    Check out the aftermarket parts from Toy-Factory, JAOS and Modellista for Land Cruiser