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  1. Skid plates, underbody protection, suspension of 2025 4Runner TRD Pro and Trailhunter

    Hopefully there's enough room for a 35 between the track bar and trailer hitch.
  2. Hybrid 4Runner MPG fuel economy should be ~25 MPG

    Speed has a huge impact, and most of the TFL tests (I haven't watched the mpg comparison) are run at very conservative highway speeds. My Silverado can get 24 while running 55-65 (cool weather, I75, lots of construction) to as low as 18 (80mph on open freeway)
  3. Pros / Cons between the part-time 4WD and full-time AWD

    It was very disappointing when the 4R lost the multi-mode case (aside from the Limited) going into the 5th gen. I find it absolutely bewildering that the US specific trucks are denied a full-time o even auto 4wd t-case. Even the cheapskate (Custom) Silverado I currently have offers Auto-4wd...
  4. Specs Comparison: 2025 4Runner vs Land Cruiser -- size / dimension, powertrain, towing, ground clearance, approach / departure / breakover angle

    There is exactly zero reason for the exact same power train that runs on 87 in the Tacoma, with the same power ratings, to require a different fuel grade in the 4Runner or Landcruiser.
  5. Video: 2025 Toyota 4Runner Press Conference Reveal (shows 3rd third row)

    The 3rd row is exclusive of the hybrid power train.
  6. Teaser #3: Trailhunter 4Runner (in new green color)!

    And SR… every one forgets about the SR… it’s like a middle child or GenX. As a GenX middle child, an SR (6sp MT) 4R would be dope.
  7. 2025 4Runner spotted in Arizona near Toyota Proving Grounds (2/15/24)

    Anyone know what’s going on w the LandcruiserGAF page?
  8. 2025 4Runner spotted in Arizona near Toyota Proving Grounds (2/15/24)

    the 4th and 5th gen 4Runner had about the same wheelbase as the Standard cab 2nd gen Tacoma. The Access Cab and SB Double cab had about 18" longer wheelbase. the New 250 Series (GX/Prado/2024US LC) has the same 112" Wb that the big Landcruisers have had since the 80 series. The front axle...
  9. 2025 4Runner spotted in Arizona near Toyota Proving Grounds (2/15/24)

    According to Sheldon Brown, the Tacoma is mainly wider at the fenders. The cab width and door swing was kept the same on the Tacoma.
  10. 2025 4Runner spotted in Arizona near Toyota Proving Grounds (2/15/24)

    To me this looks like a shorter wheelbase than the J250, but could be an illusion from the much different greenhouse.
  11. 2025 4Runner Spied Testing in Public! First Prototype Pics

    Sharing the F platform is definitely widening the Midsize vehicles, at least in terms of track width. You can pull up spec sheets for the '24 GX and LX- the dimensions are way closer than you'd think. Hopefully someone can get measurements soon to see if a "Tundra swap" is possible, just like...
  12. More Details (Including Engine) on the 2025 Toyota 4Runner Confirmed (Claims TFL)!

    Toyota is still using the 1GR/A760 combo in the 300. That would be sweet
  13. More Details (Including Engine) on the 2025 Toyota 4Runner Confirmed (Claims TFL)!

    I would expect the 4R to be a little smaller than the LC, esp. in WB and LOA. The Fortuner has long been a little shorter than the Prado, and I expect the Fortuner and 4R to be closer than either is to the LC. Front end styling will be very close to the Tacoma.
  14. 2025 4Runner (6th Gen) News, Specs, Engines, Release Date, Production Date & Preview Renderings -- Insider Info (as of 7/30/23)

    It would, but I'd be absolutely shocked. BUT... Ford and Jeep seem to think that the market is there, and Toyota has already spent the powertrain development money for the Tacoma. Even some good pre-existing horizontal cut lines would help.