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    Will 6th gen 4Runner TRD PRO compete vs. Bronco Sasquatch and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon? 🥊

    I don't even care if I am only competing with the Bronco and Jeep in the Mall parking lot - just give me the manual transmission and you will get my business.
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    It's Time To Talk about the All New 2025 Toyota 4Runner! [TFL]

    Be careful what you wish for - just ask a number of Bronco owners. :(
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    4Runner, Landcruiser

    I've been a member of Bronco6g forum for over 4 years anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new 6g Bronco. So I understand why you had to wait so long for getting your Bronco. But I also understand why you are concerned about getting another Bronco given all the issues that many Bronco...
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    Rendered: Topless 2025 4Runner based on the LC250.

    I would prefer that Toyota keep the single fixed metal roof - too many potential leakage, sound, and temperature issues otherwise.
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    2025 4Runner Good News by Kirk Kreifel

    The good news is that it will have the option of a manual transmission :love: