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    2024 4Runner TRD Pro Real TERRA Color Video

    This is the first actual video of the new Terra color on the 2024 4Runner that I've seen. Looks better than the wrapped pics to me.

    2025 4Runner TRD Pro in Exclusive Terra Color + Rolldown Rear Window Glass [Previews]

    The overall style looks great. I hope they put a more traditional 4Runner "wide mouth" front and simple rear style that they had since Gen2, not the Tacoma grill or tail lights that extend onto the lift gate.

    New TERRA color photos in full sun -- on 2024 4Runner TRD Pro example

    Apparently, this is a 2022 model with a wrap. No turn signals in the mirrors. These old style wheels have shown up on some 23's. Just like they did last year with Solar Octane.

    New TERRA color photos in full sun -- on 2024 4Runner TRD Pro example

    I know this is for 2025's, but adding the Terra color for the 2024. It is possible that this one is a wrap like the did with Solar Octane originally.

    2025 4Runner Good News by Kirk Kreifel

    Here is a new video with some updated news about the 6G 4Runner from Kirk Kreifels.

    2025 4Runner (6th Gen) News, Specs, Engines, Release Date, Production Date & Preview Renderings -- Insider Info (as of 7/30/23)

    These are the best renderings so far, in my opinion. I would like Toyota to keep the same wide bottom grill they've had since 2nd gen. Hope they keep the more simple taillights, also. Big loss if the power rear window is removed. Would like to see a panoramic moon roof, too. M/T would be great...

    New Terra color coming for 4Runner TRD Pro exclusively

    Here is a YouTube video from TRD JON of the new Terra color on the 2024 Sequoia Pro at Toyota Headquarters. Looks pretty good but I wish it was just a little brighter.

    2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid expected (and EV possible)

    Thanks for starting this site. I hope the styling is more of an evolution of the current model. I would be surprised if the '25 model would have a V6. Seems like a Turbo 4 and a Hybrid Turbo 4 are more the consensus. I would like to see a true model comparable to the Rubicon/Badlands with F/R...